Company History

The Veloce 400 is a direct descendent of a plane that has over 100 flying planes.

Rich – the designer of the Pulsar or kiss cruiser – said “I want a cirrus, but cannot really afford one”
So he designed the Veloce 400 – to be like a cirrus – and not much different than his original plane he built in 1994.

So in all reality, you could probably say, Cirrus copied Rich, well, at least he was first.

Richard Trickle was the original designer of the Pulsar 150 in the 90’s. Then he made it better in the Gen 2 and also known as Kiss Tr4 or Sport kiss or Kiss Cruiser. And there are over 100 of those kit planes flying.

Rich worked with the Brazil company to make the improvements on his original planes – and passed right as the first plane was about ready to fly. And the Brazil company has not had much luck in the US market since then.

There are 7 of the Veloce 400 planes flying – all in Brazil.
As the composite company is in Brazil.

There are 3 kits being built in the US now. with another 4 kits shipping in the next few months.

Brazil then started work on the 2 person plane, and have it about ready to fly, when covid hit. That paused the building of the prototype. as well as having 11 of the 400 planes sold. and being contracted to build the 600 prototype.

The Veloce 600 is the next big project of Volato and Dr. Jamie.

6 Seater Pressurized twin doing 302 knots at 25,000 ft burning 30 GPH of car or AV gas.
Volato in brazil is doing the building – as they completed the Veloce 400 in 12 months.

And most of the composite parts for the Veloce 600 are also done.

Early 2024 Veloce 600 Flying.

Dr. Jamie owned a turbo cirrus – and it just wasn’t fast enough. So he started looking for another plane to meet his mission of high and fast flight. And there was no way to do that for under 2.5M. So he decided to make his own plane, that did what he wanted, and fit within his budget.

And hence, the Veloce 600 is born and being birthed.
Dr. Jamie’s business is – manufacturing and selling medical equipment to doctors in private practice for 11 years. He has two FDA clearances, which are not easy or cheap to get. And one warning letter, which is easy to get (but something you don’t want)
Dr. Jamie doesn’t like red tape and paperwork is why he got those warning letters, and so is looking to move away from FDA regulations, to the homebuilt FAA regulations market, which is much easier.

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Videos of the composite Factory in Brazil

Oven room
Video of plane and hanger
Waxing wing 400
Whole hanger